If you have never had your duct vents cleaned or furnace/gas checked this gentlemen Michael does a great job!. It isn’t everyday that you come across a person in business who operates with such integrity and good workmanship. If you have thought about having this done in your home, give him a call – he is based in Kingston but travels.

Amelia- Napanee

10 stars isn’t enough! My experience echoes the other reviews. We have a 1912 house, with awkward-to-clean ducts, and a furnace that proved to have several challenging issues. Michael stuck with it until all the problems were solved, then phoned the next day to make sure things were fine. He was totally professional, helpful, and cheerful, even though fixing our problems interfered with his personal schedule. Michael takes great pride in his work, provides an extraordinary level of customer service, and his prices are very reasonable. I’ll definitely call him for future duct cleaning, and also when we decide to replace our furnace.

J in - Kingston

As a single mom of a large heritage home in Downtown, I am fairly knowledgeable of renovations, but need trust-worthy help that isn’t going to overwhelm my budget or my time. Over the years I have had many service people to my house and NEVER received the service that I did from Spider. With some other service men I have felt I got what I paid for – or even felt slightly ripped-off or talked down to. The first appt you have with Mike  you will see the sincerity and integrity. The other reviews are true, he is extremely knowledgeable, takes the time to show you what he is doing and why, and when he leaves you are so much more knowledgably about your home and even surprised that you are not paying more! Initially I had Michael clean my furnace ducts – having done this many times before, I was not prepared for the time it takes to do this properly (and it ended up costing me less than it had in the past). He also cleaned my dryer ducts and showed me how to empty the water out of my hot water tank annually (none of which had been offered before). Every other furnace service repair person had told me I need a new furnace – even though it is only 14 yrs. old – Michael assured me that my furnace was fine and didn’t need replacing – what a relief! Give him a call – you and your house will have no regrets!

Mari-Lou Odessa

After reading the previous reviews for Spider I’d give “Mike” a try instead of going with one of the bigger companies with more reviews. The other reviews indicated his prices were good and he took the time to discuss your HVAC system with you. As a new owner of a 1960 home, there are a lot of weird duct work I wanted looked at, so I called Michael. I am very glad I did. He was very easy to talk with on the phone and worked around my schedule to come by on a weekend. When he arrived (early) he went to work assessing the system and educating me on what was working and what could be improved. He told me how to do the work to improve the system, instead of trying to make list of other work he could do for me (like some other people who have come to work on the house). When he informed me of other services he could do at a later date he was never pushy, just informative. The cost of the services was very competitive and Michael took the time to educate me and do the job right. In an old home you need trades people who care about their work and are able to improvise solutions to tricky problem. Michael is one of those people. I cannot recommend his services more highly.

Matt H-D - Kingston

"I can not express how impressed I am with Spider  and the work they performed in my house. I was really impressed and appreciative at the time that Michael spent with me explaining and walking me through the entire cleaning process. It is very clear what a difference it can make when you are dealing with professionals who know their job. Hats off to you and your team Roger."

                                                                                                                      Jessica - Kingston

"I work for a large Government agency in downtown Kingston and had the pleasure of dealing with Spider Duct Cleaning to accommodate our large commercial requirement. Michael; and his team provide us with a very competitive bid and performed the work above and beyond our expectations. His crew worked through the nights so as to have zero disruption to our agencies business. Every morning we came in to a very clean and tidy environment left by his very professional team of technicians. Thank you for your professionalism."

Stefan - Kingston

Michael  was polite, professional, knowledgeable and thorough. We have had our ducts and dryer vent cleaned before and did not realize that it was not being done properly. After having Mike from Spider Duct Cleaning perform these services it is obvious to us that you get what you pay for. We will most definitely use this company again. They were great.

Wendy - Odessa

Taylor was polite, professional, knowledgable and thorough. We have had our ducts and dryer vent cleaned before and did not realize that it was not being done properly. After having Taylor from Orsan Air Services perform these services it is obvious to us that you get what you pay for. We will most definitely use this company again. They were great.

Jessica - Gananoque

I had been suspicious about duct cleaning but after using Spider, I am a believer. My home is less dusty and the stale smell is gone. I was very pleased with Mike’sprofessionalism and great job! I will definitely use this service again and have recommended this company to my family and friends.

                                                                                                                      Paul - Kingston

My house is supported on wood burning heating and I don’t think a cleaning had been done in about 23 years. It was a great one man team and he was very knowledgeable. I was beside him the whole time and he was exceptional, highly recommend.

Anette - Belleville

Michael had come to our door about two years prior to us hiring them. By the time we had them in to clean our toddler had managed to put toys and an apple down the vents so it was time. They sent a young guy out to do the cleaning and he was a nice guy. They also cleaned the furnace fan and I’ve noticed the air flow in the house was a lot better afterwards. I’ll refer them to all my friends !

                                                                                                                      Chris- Odessa

Spider did a really good job. They had great customer service. We hired them to do a duct cleaning but they checked out our furnace too and said we didn’t need to clean it yet. I was happy with the work that was done.

                                                                                                                      Laura - Harrowsmith

I hired Spider  to do duct cleaning because it had never been done before in my home. They sent someone out to do an estimate and gave me a price. I booked them to come in and do it. Michael cleaned out the ducts and made sure there were no vents that might have been hidden that they may have missed. They also took a good look at the furnace to make sure everything was ok.

                                                                                                                      John - Kingston

Nothing but great things to say about Spiderl. They truly have a passion for what they do. Very knowledgeable and honest. Can actually "talk" to you instead of at you. Would definitely recommend them to anyone in the future.

Murray and Wendy P - Napannee

The technician was on time and very polite and efficient and did everything that was promised. When he was replacing the vent covers, he wiped them all down.Not one speck of dirt or dust left anywhere. We've noticed a tremendous difference with the dust levels in our house, just as he said we would. I would recommend Spider and have been recommending their services to friends and family! Totally a job well done!!

Carol - Kingston

We had Spider duct cleaning come to our home (Couple of months ago) and since it was our first time actually getting this service done we did not know what to expect! The technician was very courteous and knowledgeable. He was also very quick! He noticed an issue with our dryer vent (It was dripping because of a bad setup) and worked extra hard to clear up the issue for us. He even checked outside and cleaned the outside vent. Our house smells great, dust levels are down and the furnace is not working as hard. We have also turned down the thermostat! I have recommended these guys to a couple of friends already.

Vivian - barriefield

Had my first house ducts cleaned about 20 years ago. Just cleaned my present cleaned last week, so I don't remember much to compare. Michael was the technician who did the job and I was present for every aspect of the job.......he is good! I would use Spider and certainly asked for Michael to be the tech.

Peter - Belleville

Since very beginning we put emphasis on quality of work, customer satisfaction and  professionalism. We are certified by Institute Inspection cleaning and restoration.

Our motto is
Customer Satisfaction Comes First


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