Duct Cleaning Process

1. Vacuum Truck Setup

We setup our vacuum hose and high pressure air line. The vacuum hose is run into the basement, and the air line is run upstairs to the farthest supply vent.

2. Preparation on site

We cover the flooring with a matts to protect your floor from the scratches. 
As well as we seal all yot cold air return to make sure we will have maximum suction and protect your flooring from the dust. 

3. Connecting the hose to your Duct work.

A very important step during the cleaning. Hooking up an 8inch hose is not easy as well as finding correct place on your duct work to connect suction with the main trank line. 

4. Cleaning process.

We use the most advance technology and top of the line equipment for duct cleaning industry. The method of duct cleaning we provide is called "push-pull".
We use high presure of 240psi to all of your vents pushing dust to main truck line where everything get sucked by our powerfull truckmounted vacuum. 

Once we complete this process we use whipping system "spider" that scrubs your duct work from the inside. 

To complete duct cleaning we finish with cleaning the blower of your frurnace.

5. Patching the holes. 

Once the job is completed we patch the holes on screws and aluminium tape. 

6.Turning on the Furnace.
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